Youth Mentoring and Family Support

Our youth mentoring services provide social and emotional support for tweens and teens who are struggling with behavioral health challenges in Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Shenandoah and Page Counties.

Your child’s mentor will be there to:
    • Help your child understand their strengths and challenges
    • Help your child set personal goals
    • Provide your child support and encouragement to move forward
    • Explore different types of coping strategies to get through tough times
    • Help your child practice communicating their feelings and needs

Services are provided in your child’s school or at home. We also offer support for parents and caretakers who have children with behavioral health challenges.

Some families can get help paying for youth mentoring services through the Children’s Services Act (CSA). To see if you qualify, visit the CSA website ( or contact your local CSA Coordinator. Some families may be eligible for free grant-funded services.

For more information, call or email us

540-217-0869 |  [email protected]