Strength In Peers Tea,

Overcoming Challenges Together With Peer Recovery.

Strength In Peers is dedicated to providing peer recovery for those struggling with substance use, mental health, and trauma-related challenges. We honor the unique journey of each participant and provide a flexible approach to recovery so they can grow and thrive. Our team’s similar lived experiences create a relationship founded in mutuality. We learn and grow in our recoveries alongside our participants.

An Evolution In Progress.

Strength In Peers works to close gaps in community services available in our community by walking alongside participants and providing them hope, support, and advocacy.

2014 – Nicky Fadley brings the Future Generations’ Rural America Program to the
Shenandoah Valley and brings together service providers to conduct a community assessment of behavioral health needs and services. As a result of the collaboration, the partners form the Shenandoah Mental Health Network to close gaps in services for people with behavioral health challenges in the northwestern Virginia, with a focus on rural communities.

2015 – With support from the Network, the Rural America Program develops the Trauma Awareness and Resilience Project to educate rural communities about trauma and launch peer support services in Shenandoah and Page Counties. The team also develops the Reentry Recovery Program to provide outreach, peer support and treatment to individuals returning from incarceration to Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. These programs establish the organization’s target service area of Harrisonburg City and the counties of Rockingham, Shenandoah, and Page. Recognizing a need, Strength In Peers is founded and incorporated on December 17 to carry on a long-term mission.

2016 – The Strength In Peers team continues to operate programs under the Future Generations’ umbrella. It starts to develop the systems, policies, and capacities it will need to become independent and autonomous.

2017 – The program team launches the Healthy and Resilient Children Program and develops youth mentoring and outreach to public schools to develop trauma-informed practices. Strength In Peers also receives its first contract independent from Future Generations to operate the Harrisonburg Community Resource Center. On December 31, Strength In Peers formally separates from Future Generations and transfers all staff, offices, and supplies to the new organization.

2018 – Strength In Peers successfully transfers its three federal grants from Future Generations to continue its trauma, reentry, and youth programs. We also have received new grants for our Side by Side Recovery Program that builds on the Trauma Program, and for our Back on Track Recovery Program that expands our Reentry Program allowing us to serve the larger population of individuals who are homeless and unstably housed. This year we also launched new initiatives including our street outreach and HIV/Hepatitis C Rapid Testing services.

Our Growth Supports A Thriving Community.

Our organization continues to grow since its founding due to grants and smart planning. We are regularly developing the services we have to offer individuals who have substance use, mental health and trauma-related challenges so that they can get the support they need to live a thriving life in recovery. For those interested in participating in peer recovery, contact a member of our team. You can also support our mission by making a donation.