Youth Mentoring Available During School Hours.

We offer in-school youth mentoring for students attending Stonewall Jackson High School, North Fork Middle School, and Ashby Lee Elementary School in southern Shenandoah County. Our experienced and trained mentors discuss topics such as: anxiety, grief, sadness, anger, and drug use. Parents/guardians can enroll their children in our free mentoring services by signing and submitting our consent form. Our mentors will work with school administrators to schedule mentoring sessions around students’ core classes.

Who This Is For:

  • Pre-K – 12th-grade students of Stonewall Jackson High School, North Fork Middle School, and Ashby Lee Elementary School in Shenandoah County.
  • Students struggling with strong emotions, traumatic experiences, behavioral challenges, and/or drug/alcohol use.
  • Students whose parents/guardians have signed and submitted our consent form

Promoting Trauma Informed Schools.

We’re committed to help our schools better serve students who have experienced traumatic events or other social and emotional challenges. For many of us, substance use and mental health challenges are rooted in adverse childhood experiences. Taking a trauma-informed approach with kids can help them develop resiliency and prevent challenges later in life. Through our Healthy and Resilient Children Project, we are providing teachers supplies to create more calming classroom environments, including fluorescent light covers and sensory toys for “peace corners” so that students can take a short break to regulate their emotions without having to leave the room.

Support Without Judgment From Adults Who Listen.

Our mission is to support our community so everyone develops resiliency and thrives in their daily lives. We don’t trivialize the feelings of our youth, but rather listen to their stories and provide support and encouragement without telling them what to do. Our mentor’s similar lived experiences are the foundation for better understanding and compassion for youth facing challenges. Do you have a child who could benefit from our services? Contact a member of our team to discuss our youth mentoring services.

Contact a member of our team about our services to get started.