Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentors work directly with children who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioral challenges. Youth Mentors have personal lived experience struggling with similar challenges during their youth. By sharing their experiences, Youth Mentors are able to help children overcome stigma and engage effectively in services. Mentoring services can be provided alone or in coordination with Family Support Services.

Youth Mentors help children to:

  • Understand the social, emotional and behavioral challenges that they are experiencing.
  • Identify their personal strengths and needs.
  • Learn and practice coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety and other emotions.
  • Develop wellness plans to put their coping strategies and support systems into action when they experience triggers, symptoms, and crises.
  • Learn to advocate for their needs and preferences.

Family Support

Family Support Specialists provide peer support and mentoring to the parents and guardians of children with emotional and behavioral health needs. Family Support Specialists have personal lived experience helping their own children overcome similar challenges.

Family Support Specialists help parents and guardians to:

  • Understand the emotional and behavioral challenges their children are experiencing.
  • Identify their family’s assets, strengths and needs.
  • Learn and practice trauma-informed parenting strategies.
  • Learn and practice coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety, overcome substance abuse and other harmful behaviors, and/or bounce back from traumatic experiences.
  • Develop wellness plans to put their coping strategies and support systems into action when they experience triggers, symptoms, and crises.
  • Develop and implement action/case plans to achieve housing, income, transportation and other goals.
  • Navigate community services for housing, employment, education, and other needs.
  • Complete applications for employment, rental housing, and public benefits.
  • Provide transportation assistance to important appointments.
  • Learn to advocate for their children’s and families’ needs and preferences.

Groups for Youth and Families

We offer groups workshops for youth and parents/guardians. Upcoming workshops are posted on our website and Facebook page. Registration is required.

  • Active Parenting covers brain development in children, styles of parenting, active communication, problem solving with empathy, responsibility and non-violent discipline, building self-esteem, understanding and redirecting misbehavior, supporting kids’ education, and addressing drug and alcohol use.
  • Anger Management teaches participants effective anger management skills, calming techniques, expressing negative emotion skills, stress and anxiety management, conflict resolution skills, and practical solutions. The curriculum is accredited by the National Anger Management Association and classes are taught by a Certified Anger Management Specialist.
  • Youth Group Workshop addresses self-esteem/positivity, relationships, managing anger, managing stress, learning styles, coping skills and hobbies, bullying, and self-empowerment.

Support Without Judgment From Adults Who Listen.

Our mission is to support our community so everyone develops resiliency and thrives in their daily lives. We don’t trivialize the feelings of youth or families, but rather listen to their stories and provide support and encouragement without telling them what to do. Our mentor’s similar lived experiences are the foundation for better understanding and compassion for youth and families facing challenges. Do you have a child who could benefit from our services? Contact a member of our team to discuss our youth mentoring and family support services.

Contact a member of our team about our services to get started.