Recovery Support in Shenandoah & Page Counties.

We offer substance use and mental health recovery services through our Side by Side Recovery Program in Shenandoah and Page Counties. The program is available at no charge for eligible participants struggling with substance use, mental health, and/or trauma related challenges. Side by Side Recovery Program offers a flexible approach to recovery that honors each individuals’ unique journey and supports their choices without judgement. Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPRS) with similar lived experiences provide our core services in a way to remove typical barriers to treatment such as transportation, cost of care, and real or perceived stigma from treatment providers.  In our Side by Side Recovery Program you can expect:

  • Peer Support: Work one-on-one with a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) who has lived experience recovering from substance use, mental health, and/or trauma-related challenges to create your personalized plan for recovery.
  • Peer-led Support Groups and Workshops offered online and in-person to help you practice coping strategies and meet others in recovery.
  • Education about numerous recovery options and available services in your area.
  • Assistance navigating housing, employment, healthcare, and other community resources.
  • Assistance applying for Medicaid, SNAP, public benefits and job opportunities.
  • Access to counseling and psychiatry services via telehealth through our behavioral health treatment providers.

Eligibility Requirements:

Participation in our Side by Side Recovery Program is open to all individuals who meet these guidelines:

  • Uninsured, underinsured, or Medicaid recipient
  • Under 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
  • Identifies as having a substance use, mental health, and/or trauma related challenges.

Self Sufficiency With Peer Support.

The goal of our programs and support groups is to boost participants’ confidence in their ability to address their substance use, mental health, and/or trauma related challenges and access the appropriate services when needed. We help participants navigate recovery options and practice wellness strategies so they can build resilience and thrive in their lives and their communities. Our services are tailored to each participant’s unique needs and preferences and typically last anywhere from six to twelve months. We encourage all participants to join one of our peer support groups during and after the program to find community with people facing similar adversities.

Recovery The Way Our Participants Choose.

Recovery looks different for everyone which is why we don’t ascribe to a one size fits all approach. Instead, we listen to our participants, support their decisions, and empower them to advocate for themselves with other service providers. Our Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPRS) develop relationships that are mutual where both individuals learn from one another and give support; rather than a one-sided relationship where one individual is the helper and the other is denied the opportunity to discover that they have something to offer the other person. Our Peer Support Specialists focus on hope and possibility, instead of getting stuck focusing on fears and problems, which allows us to to help others move towards goals and aspirations. For those interested in learning more about our Recovery Programs, contact us.

Contact a member of our team about our services to get started.