Supporting Our Community’s Mental & Behavioral Health.

The Shenandoah Mental Health Network came together in 2014 in response to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital’s 2013 community health needs assessment which showed that mental and behavioral health were the most frequently cited health issue. Among the mental health issues raised were: adult and family stress and coping difficulties, a lack of affordable outpatient mental health professionals, a lack of local inpatient treatment facilities, lack of knowledge about where or how to get care for mental health issues and/or substance abuse/addiction. Barriers to receiving needed mental health care were: cost, lack of services in the area, inability to take time off from work, inconvenient hours, and lack of insurance.

We Were Awarded A Grant To Fund Our Programs.

In 2014, the Shenandoah Mental Health Network obtained a Rural Health Network Development Planning grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP). As part of the planning project, the Network conducted a community mental health needs assessment to obtain community input into how to improve the mental health system. It showed that 65% of respondents thought that there was a need for more public education on mental health and 53% recommended more public education on available services.

The Shenandoah Mental Health Network Develops A Strategic Plan.

In 2015, the Network developed a strategic plan focused on planning, funding and implementing projects that close gaps in behavioral health services through collaboration and public education. The Network launched two projects:

  • Trauma Awareness and Resiliency Project: Funded in 2015 by the HRSA FORHP Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program, this project develops peer support services targeting populations at risk of experiencing trauma and to conduct community education on adverse childhood experiences, trauma-sensitive practices, mental health first aid, and available behavioral health services.
  • Healthy and Resilient Children Project: Funded in 2017 by the HRSA FORHP Rural Health Network Development Program, this project develops the Network’s capacity to serve children. It establishes school-based behavioral, primary, and dental services. It also provides school personnel and community service providers training and technical assistance to develop trauma-sensitive practices and implement evidence-based programs that build child and community resilience.

Our Network Members Are Pivotal To Our Programs.

The Shenandoah Mental Health Network consists of six organizations representing all public and nonprofit mental health services in Shenandoah County and neighboring Page County, which are the two rural counties in northwestern Virginia. Members include:

  • Northwestern Community Services Board: a regional public mental health and crisis response provider.
  • Shenandoah Community Health Clinic: a nonprofit free clinic that provides primary, dental, and mental health care.
  • Sentara RMH Medical Center: a regional nonprofit hospital with two primary care clinics in southern Shenandoah County.
  • Strength In Peers: a recovery community organization led by individuals in recovery from mental and/or substance abuse challenges.
  • Valley Health System: a regional nonprofit hospital with a critical access hospital and four primary care clinics in the county.
  • United Way of North Shenandoah Valley: a regional community foundation.

A Mission To Improve The Community.

The Network’s mission is to close gaps in services for people with behavioral health challenges. The Network improves community service capacity by identifying gaps and ways to fill them; increasing access to mental health resources; raising awareness about adverse childhood experiences and trauma-sensitive practices among community members, primary care providers, and community and faith leaders; and addressing stigma and stereotypes about behavioral health disorders. The Network provides guidance and assistance with program planning, implementation, and partnerships in Shenandoah and Page Counties, Virginia.

A Vision To Create A Better Future In Northwestern Virginia.

The Network’s vision is for every person in our community to have supportive relationships, social and emotional competencies, and access to professional services so that they can recover from behavioral health challenges; bounce back from adversity; break the intergenerational cycle of trauma, mental illness, and substance abuse; and thrive. This vision is an outcome of the work the Network has done to educate its members about adverse childhood experiences and trauma-sensitive practices over the past three years. It also is an outcome of the Network being coordinated and led by a consumer-run organization with individuals who are open about their personal journeys with recovery and who remind others that recovery is possible for everyone.

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