Peer To Peer Support For Strong Recoveries.

At Strength In Peers, we offer peer to peer support to make a difference in the lives of individuals faced with substance use, mental health, and trauma related challenges. Here’s how:

Our Mission

We offer hope, support and advocacy for those seeking recovery so that we can build resilience and thrive in our lives and communities.

Our Vision

We envision a world where we have an abundance of recovery options and are supported in our right to decide our recovery pathway.

Our Values

Authenticity: We’re real people with similar experiences who genuinely want you to succeed in recovery.

Courage: We know change takes strength. We find courage to triumph in our support and advocacy for one another.

Mutuality: Shared experiences and similar stories help us bond and heal together.

Advocacy: We champion our shared experiences to push for change and growth in our

Peer Run: We are governed and run by peers for peers. Our services are grounded in our lived experiences.

Confidentiality: Find comfort sharing your story with someone you grow to know and trust.

Resources: We have tools and resources to help you navigate your unique path to recovery.

Support: We walk alongside of you and provide hope, support and encouragement along you journey.

Honesty: With support from open minded peers, truth empowers growth.

Our Growth Directly Supports A Thriving Community.

We regularly expand our resources and services in northwestern Virginia to fulfill our mission and
reach towards our vision. Since 2015, we’ve focused on filling the gaps in services and
resources available in our community for those with substance use, mental health, and
trauma-related challenges. We believe each person deserves the opportunity to have
a voice in their recovery and to choose the path that works for them. As long as there are people
pursuing recovery, we’ll be here with peer to peer support. Contact us to learn more about Strength In Peers.