Welcome to the Strength In Peers Resources Page.
Here you will find materials developed by the Shenandoah Mental Health Network and Strength In Peers in the document library. This page also includes information and resources on how to promote mental health advocacy and combat stigma in your community.


Hepatitis C and Incarceration Factsheet
There are about 2.2 million people in U.S. jails and prisons. 1 in 3 have Hepatitis C.
Learn more about Hepatitis C and incarceration here.

HIV Testing Factsheet
Testing for HIV is the only way to know if you have an HIV infection.
Learn more about HIV testing facts here.

Mental Health Services in Shenandoah and Page Counties Flowchart
Produced by the Shenandoah Mental Health Network, this fact sheet entitled “Mental Health Services in Shenandoah and Page Counties,” provides a list of counseling and community services located in these communities.


Click here to view a PDF copy of this flowchart.

This online directory provides a detailed list of substance abuse prevention and treatment resources existing in Shenandoah County and neighboring counties.

Understanding Mental Health Pocket Guide
The Shenandoah Mental Health Network developed the pocket guide “Understanding Mental Health,” which underlines signs, symptoms, and resources for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder.


Click here to view a PDF copy of this pocket guide.