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  • Thank you for your interest in sharing your writing with Strength In Peers.
  • Take a look at our blogging prompts (below).
  • Blogs should be no less than 250 words and no more than 450 words.
  • We will use a stock image for your blog post; however, if you have a photo you would like to include with the post, please send with your submission. **Photos must be high resolution. Strength In Peers reserves the right to choose whether or not the photo will be used with your submission.
  • Include a brief bio (maximum of six sentences) and a photo for your profile. You may elect not to use a personal photo.
  • Submissions can be anonymous, if requested.
  • All writing must be original. Quotes may be used as long as cited with author’s name.
  • By submitting your writing, you agree for Strength In Peers to share your writing on our website, Facebook page, Instagram page and newsletter. We may suggest edits; however, edits will be conveyed before your submission is printed or shared.
  • Although there is no payment for your submission, we believe that storytelling saves lives and plays an imperative role in advocacy and the fight against stigma. Thank you for your contribution and advocacy!

Blogging Prompts/Topics

We are seeking blog posts which relate to overcoming, healing, hope, fighting stigma, advocating, and building community while in recovery. Please note, the listed prompts are suggestions; we are open to any topics relating to recovery.

  • Personal stories of hope and recovery
  • Self care
  • What recovery means to you
  • Your playlist of “recovery” songs
  • What you’d like to tell another who is struggling
  • Quotes which helped you through difficult times
  • Personal stories of those who’ve been present throughout your journey (mentors, teachers, friends, peers, recovery groups, etc.) Note: you may write about person/people without using their names.

How to Submit

  • Please send your writing, bio information, and any photos (or any questions) to
  • We endeavor to respond to each submission within seven (7) to ten (10) business days.
  • We look forward to receiving your submissions!
***Unfortunately, Strength In Peers may not be able to accept all entries.