Spotlight: Jade Hoover

Peer Perspectives continues our blog series showcasing the good work being done by Strength In Peers staff members and volunteers. This month, we interviewed Jade Hoover. Hoover is a student volunteer who helped our staff distribute over 25 flyers and 200 handout packets throughout Stonewall Jackson High School related to the “Spring Out Of Stress!” campaign. In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, the campaign offers information on how to recognize signs and symptoms of stress and develop healthy coping skills.

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An Open Letter About Stress

By: Samantha Bryant

While helping to develop the “Spring Out of Stress!” campaign, I had one aim in mind – if the campaign reached one student and offered them a brief moment of reflection, then it was all worth it. The subject of academic stress is one that is close to me. As a graduate student, I have experienced both good and bad academic stress and have watched my colleagues go through the all too familiar and emotional waves – from elation to hopelessness in the time it takes to walk out of the room and refill a cup of coffee.

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Turnin’ the Page With New Recovery Group

By: Staff

A new substance abuse recovery group is in town. Strength In Peers is facilitating a “Turn the Page” support group in Page County. Not a 12-step or a faith-based recovery group, the group addresses substance abuse and mental health. Meetings are on Tuesdays from 10:00AM-11:00AM at the Virginia Cooperative Extension at 215 W Main St. “C,” Stanley, VA.

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The Dangers of the ‘Mental Illness Bogeyman’

By: Anonymous

Associating mental illness with racism, sexism, homophobia, and all around discrimination is, in short, problematic. Currently making the rounds are articles concerning Donald Trump’s potential mental illnesses and/or personality disorders. He is not the first nor will he be the last to have their prejudice (and violence) attributed to mental illness (See Dylann Roof, Elliot Rogers, and Omar Mateen). Honestly, I do not read these articles and I do not feel that I need to. The problem is not in their perceived accuracy or inaccuracy. The problem is that they situate racism (and all other -isms) as abnormal, stripping away a bigot’s responsibility for their words and actions.

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Best Years of Our Lives: Mental Health Care Demands on U.S. College Campuses

This week, STAT released the results of a survey that pointed to the high demand of mental health care services by students on U.S. college campuses. STAT surveyed both large public universities and small private colleges and found marked similarities across the board. College students faced high wait times (sometimes weeks) to get into the door for services – not including wait times to see psychiatrists and counselors or acquiring prescription medications. These issues leave many students without the necessary support networks and resources to develop appropriate coping and resilience skills.

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