Fall Group Schedule

Sept-Oct-Nov   STRENGTH THRU RECOVERY Wednesdays – 1:00PM – 2:00PM Join us for a peer-run group that encourages wellness and recovery! We will explore various recovery tools and coping strategies as they relate to fear, anxiety, sadness, trauma, and/or substance use. We meet in the education classroom at Our Community Place, located at 17 East … Read more

Spotlight: Antonio Ruiz

As part of Peer Perspectives‘ “Spotlight” blog series, we interviewed Communications Coordinator, Antonio Ruiz.

Ruiz recently joined the Strength In Peers’ Outreach Team in July 2017. His work involves managing and developing content for the organization’s events, social media, and website as well as collecting marketing analytics. Ruiz will also begin developing the monthly e-Newsletter beginning August 2017.

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Spotlight: Angela M. Carter

The “Spotlight” series by Peer Perspectives highlights the hard work done by staff, volunteers, and affiliates within the Strength In Peers network. We recently interviewed Director of Outreach, Angela M. Carter.

Carter’s work includes building partnerships with community agencies and developing public awareness and education campaigns on behavioral health topics. She also represents Strength In Peers at community and fundraising events.

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Spotlight: Darrell Simpson

The “Spotlight” series by Peer Perspectives highlights the hard work done by staff, volunteers, and affiliates within the Strength In Peers network. We recently interviewed Darrell Simpson.

Simpson is the Reentry Case Manager. His work with participants includes creating goal-oriented transitions plans based on their individual needs. Some examples of these needs are employment, transportation, housing, access to public benefits, and mental and physical health. Since March 2016, Simpson has been with Strength In Peers, working to assist participants with their plans and providing support.

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Learn, Connect, Share for PTSD Awareness

June 27, 2017 is National PTSD Awareness Day.

PTSD – or post-traumatic stress disorder – may manifest in different ways for different people. Both acute and chronic forms of PTSD develop “after a distressing or catastrophic event” (MHFA, 42). Examples of these event include, but are not limited to, sexual assault, automobile accidents, war, mugging, domestic violence, and natural disasters. PTSD “is more likely to develop… if the response to an event involves intense fear, helplessness, or horror” (MHFA, 42).

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Spotlight: Jade Hoover

Peer Perspectives continues our blog series showcasing the good work being done by Strength In Peers staff members and volunteers. This month, we interviewed Jade Hoover. Hoover is a student volunteer who helped our staff distribute over 25 flyers and 200 handout packets throughout Stonewall Jackson High School related to the “Spring Out Of Stress!” campaign. In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, the campaign offers information on how to recognize signs and symptoms of stress and develop healthy coping skills.

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An Open Letter About Stress

By: Samantha Bryant

While helping to develop the “Spring Out of Stress!” campaign, I had one aim in mind – if the campaign reached one student and offered them a brief moment of reflection, then it was all worth it. The subject of academic stress is one that is close to me. As a graduate student, I have experienced both good and bad academic stress and have watched my colleagues go through the all too familiar and emotional waves – from elation to hopelessness in the time it takes to walk out of the room and refill a cup of coffee.

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